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Track My Flight

This is a great tool to have, especially when you are looking to meet someone at the airport.


It is also a great tool to give to family and friends to track your flights. (just forward this page to them).

Send to your family or friend:

(Don't worry, Their email address isn't stored anywhere if you use this form)

If you sign up for Flightstats you can also get alerts, via email or SMS text, if your flight's status changes.  

Track My Flight Tool

It's easy to use and be used on any flight. Feel free to bookmark.

Get your flight status here:

Other Interesting Flight Tools

I came across this site, My Flight Memory, looking for other tools to use and loved it! I put in the details of our flights for our Australia and Hawaii Family Vacation (for Warren's birthday) and got some fun statistics out.


You can keep all your flights ever there and find out how many hours you have flown for and how far. How many times you have circled the earth in distance (maybe you didn't actually fly the earth's circumference but they show you if you have or not).


You can also order a poster of the world map with your travel routes on it. It's a fun website for all travelers!

Airport Delays, Vacation Ideas

On our Australia and Hawaii trip in July/August of 2008 we travelled 22,977 miles or 36,978 km. We travelled .92 times around the earth (ALMOST the whole way!) The statistics also show a map of our route. This site is a lot of fun, but be forewarned.


Make sure you enter in the data as they request it or it won't update.


I am going to open another account to do ALL of my travel and see how far I have travelled in my lifetime. It may be hard to remember it all!


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