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Ideas for Romantic Vacations and Destinations

Ahhh a romantic vacation, sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered. It is important in every relationship that you take time away and spend some romantic moments together to reconnect and remember why you are together in the first place.

A time to be husband and wife, or partners, instead of mom and dad, or step mom or step dad, or business partner or caregiver. Whatever you are in your everyday life, your need a break from it sometimes. And what is a better way to reconnect with the one you love, then to take a romantic vacation together?

Romantic Vacations as the Beach Together

Warren and I are fortunate that we can take many "adult vacations" - that is vacations together, without Montana. As Montana is with us almost 50% of the time, it gives us opportunities to travel and reconnect when Montana is with her mom.


We are a busy couple, working together, running our businesses and spending time with Montana, we find that we don't' get time to just "be" with each other. In fact we find that if we want to relax, then we have to leave the house together - and we do this by planning our vacations together and then enjoying them together.

Romantic Vacations
Warren and I enjoying Sushi in Singapore


Our romantic vacations part of our website is about suggesting vacation ideas for your next romantic vacation that will excite you, inspire you and even add to the romance in your relationship!


Our usual requirements when choosing romantic spots is that they are quiet, not many kids, and places a little out of the way. Yours may be the same, or you may want to consider some excitement or adventure!

Some of our favorites are:

For some more "Romantic Ideas" - Check out this article on TripAdvisor.


Looking for romance tips, romantic ideas or help to find the perfect romantic words to share with your Beloved? Discover Romantic Ideas and enjoy your Honeymoon for Life!

Romantic Vacations in Hawaii

We absolutely LOVE our Hawaii Vacations! For us Hawaii is incredibly romantic, relaxing and offers some great adventures. You can enjoy some great restaurants together, and spend days on end just relaxing on the beach or by the pool.


Or if you are looking for some adventure, you can always go hiking on the Napali Coast, take a tour up the observatories or visit the volcano on the Big Island or go zip lining or tubing on Kauai.


You could rent a condo, or stay in a resort. We found the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki to be incredibly romantic!


If you want to see more than one island easily, consider a Hawaiian cruise with NCL or Princess Cruises.


With the 4 main islands and a few smaller islands to choose from, you could return to Hawaii over and over again and have a different vacation each time!



There are so many awesome and romantic vacation ideas in Hawaii.


Maybe Hawaii isn't your thing, but you know you want to spend some time together on a beach? Check out for the best beaches in the world?

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Popular Vacation Spots for Romance

Romantic Vacations


Romantic Destinations - Europe

Europe is our favorite romantic destination. What's more romantic than a walk down the Seine, or dinner in an outdoor cafe?

Romantic Vacations in USA


Romantic Vacations in USA

New York City, Hawaii, Las Vegas, or California. There are so many excellent destinations and ideas for romance in the United States.



Fun, sun and relaxation. Spend some time together in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Explore the islands together, or just hang out on the beach. It's up to you.

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