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Norwegian Cruise Lines

NCL is our favorite cruise line, so far. And to be honest if we are looking for this type of holiday we look at NCL's itineraries first to see if they have one that we are interested in.


We could tell you about all the different ships etc., but you can find that information on a zillion other sites - including NCL's site. We will touch on some ships and features, but really we want to share why we think NCL is a great vacation idea.


Norwegian Cruise Lines have revolutionized the industry by transforming the "traditional cruise" experience into a Freestyle experience.


Norwegian Cruise Lines


Essentially their service revolves around do what you want, eat where you want, when you want to. So no real schedules to keep - other than when to return from shore excursions! (you don't want to get left in the ports I assume!)


The industry is responding to this way of cruising, as other lines are starting to offer more options for dining and activities (i.e. Princess offers a beeper system in their dining room).


Why we think they are great: To book your NCL trip click on the logo

Norwegian Cruise Line


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One Families NCL Experience

Check out this one families experience on the Norwegian Pearl. This is a CNBC video promoting their new show. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect. Keep in mind however, they chose to show how much things cost. It doesn't mean that you have to make the same choices - you could spend more or less :-)



Norwegian Cruise Lines

Freestyle Cruises

Freestyle Cruising

Freestyle cruising is a newer concept in cruising. It has been quite popular and most of the larger cruise lines are now adopting some of the practices. See what it is all about. 

Cruise Ship Vacations

Share Your Norwegian Reviews

What are your favorite or not so favorite NCL experiences? We would love to hear about your experiences and we know other visitors would too.


Norwegian Dawn

See our first trip on NCL and the Owners Suite on the Norwegian Dawn.


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