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Family Vacation Ideas

It seems like we are always looking for new and exciting family travel ideas that will satisfy everyone in the family!


Family Vacation Ideas

There is nothing worse then planning a beautiful vacation to the mountains, and having yawns and boredom coming from the back seat.


When planning a family vacation, it's more important to answer the question "What do we want to do?" than "Where do we want to go?".


Kids enjoy being active, so a road trip through the rocky mountains might not do it for them. And let's be serious here, if the kids aren't happy chances are no one is. Besides that, aren't you planning a family vacation to spend time together?


Our motto has always been "A Family that Plays Together Stays Together". So we make sure that we plan a holiday that we will all enjoy!



There are some family vacation ideas that cater just to the kids. Others that cater to teens, and more and more vacation destinations are starting to cater to kids, teens and parents so everyone can have a great time together.


Listed here are some family vacation ideas that are sure to cater to everyone. We also have a free eBook that will help you choose what type of holiday will work best for your family.


Lets start by asking some important questions:

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before choosing what type of vacation to plan for your family ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you looking for an active vacation for your family? A relaxing vacation? A mix of both?
  • How many adults will you have (i.e. will you take the grandparents)?
  • Will you have babysitting for your younger kids or will you need somewhere that will provide it (assuming that you want some "adult time")
  • Do you want to dine out for every meal? or eat prepare your own food?
  • Is this a budget vacation? Or your Dream trip you have saved for?
  • Will the kids like to drive or fly? Would the adults like to drive or fly?
  • Would you rather stay in a hotel, camp or an apartment or condo?
  • What time of year will you travel?
  • Are you traveling near or over a holiday like Halloween?
  • Should you have an itinerary with every minute planned? Or a mix of downtime and and itinerary?
  • Can you travel in off peak periods or does your schedule only allow for high peak periods?
  • What types of attractions is the family interested in? History? Architecture? Theme Parks?
  • Do your kids want to meet other kids while on holiday?
  • Is there an event that you will want to attend together? Like a Lakers Game?

Do you have any ideas for a family holiday together? Share them here:


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