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Flying with Kids

Flying with children on airplanes can be extremely stressful.

When Montana was young we were really lucky. She was a great traveler and still is. We only had one incident when she was little (which was an accident and my fault - sorry Montana!). So we were lucky.

I have to tell you though, I always feel for the parents whose kids are crying, or kicking or yelling on a long flight. You know how it is, your children kick up, and your stress levels and the people around you's stress levels go through the roof!

Most of the time it isn't even that they are bad kids. It's that they are bored or tired, or both.

Back in the day (we are talking almost 40 years ago) when my mom would take me to England to see our family, she would put Gin in my bottle to help me sleep - OK, I am the first to admit that that may not be a great idea today, but she swore by it. (Maybe that is why I don't like alcohol today...)

We have all seen (or heard) it. Children having tantrums on planes. Do you have any tips or tricks to help parents and the passengers around them?

Avoid Tantrums on Airplanes with the tips in this video from Angela de Jong from

Some Tips from the Video on Travelling with Children

  • Stay calm and prepare for the flight
  • Let kids burn off energy in airport before getting on plane
  • Make sure they are comfortable
  • During boarding, take off and landing, talk to your kids about what is happening - ask them to tell you what they see
  • Lots of snacks, activities and travel games
  • Walk around plane when you can
  • Don't stress if they get upset
  • Have a sucker or drink to help with ear popping

What are your Tips and Tricks for Flying with Kids?

What are Your Tips for Flying with Kids?

What do you do to ensure that flying with kids is a great experience?

Do you have a great story about flying with kids? Share it!

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