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Asia Vacation Ideas, Enjoy the Exotic Far East

Asia vacation ideas. Take a romantic trip to the Far East, or take the kids on an adventure to the Far East!


Asia Vacation


This continent offers something for everyone, from adventure, to relaxation, to excitement, to culture, to education.


It is such a large continent that you have so many choices of places to visit. You could spend every vacation for the rest of your life in the Far East and you still probably won't see it all!




We found that it can be quite inexpensive to travel within Asia. You can find luxury hotels and resorts at a fraction of the cost of a North American hotel if you do your homework, and airfares from country to country can be more than reasonable. On the other side, however, you can also find some of the most luxurious and expensive resorts in the world like the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, or the Raffles Hotel Singapore.


It's amazing how you can travel from one country to another and have a completely different experience. Within a few weeks you could enjoy the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, the excitement of the Macau casinos, the relaxation of the spas and beaches of Thailand or Bali, the serenity of the mosques of Malaysia and the sophistication of Singapore.


If you haven't been before, and are not sure of where you would like to visit. Go to your nearest large city and seek out the areas of each Asian population. For example in Toronto (where we live), we can find Chinatown, Little Vietnam, Little Korea etc. Start there and see what looks interesting and what you would like to experience more of.


Otherwise we have some Asia Vacation Ideas that might interest you. So sit back, relax, grab a coffee or tea, and check out some of the options for your romantic or family vacation!


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