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Vacation Ideas Links and Resources

Find below a collection of our favorite vacation ideas links and resources, both on our website and other websites, to use while planning for your romantic and family vacations. This page is being updated continuously, so check back often. 


You will find links for great review sites, travel magazines, travel requirements, currency exchange, time zone change, weather and much more... 

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Travel Review Sites

vacations for kids - Hawaii

Read unbiased opinions about hotels and vacations at TripAdvisor



Cruise Critic
As soon as we start looking for a cruise we go here for cruise advice - We have even met many people on this site before we got on the cruise, so we knew people when we boarded!


Seat Guru


Seat Guru
We love this site! It was recently purchased by Tripadvisor so you will see the familiar Owl logo. When choosing your seat for your flights, go to this site and select your airline and the aircraft you will be flying with. It will then tell you what services are available and what the best seats are.



Travel Magazines and Books

Travel Magazines



We get a lot of our vacation ideas from travel magazines. There is something about flipping through a magazine, looking at the beautiful photos and reading the articles that inspires us to choose our types of holiday and where to go.




Travel Books



Why we think that travel books and guides are still important when planning your trip. See what we think about the Best Travel Guide books - you can even add your favorites or review what is there.


Air Travel Tips

Airline Delays


There is nothing more frustrating then getting to the airport and finding out that your flight has been delayed. Check out Airport Delays to see which areas of the world are experiencing delays.


Also if you are concerned about a flight and if it is arriving on time you can Track a flight using Flight Stats Flight Tracking Tool.


Airline Delays





How to Survive the Airline Restrictions on Baggage Find Tips and Tricks for packing lightly for travel by air. Also find tips on how to pack a suitcase and share your tips with us on how to pack efficiently.




Airline Delays



Get some valuable tips on how to pack a suitcase. You can also share with us your tips on how to pack lightly, or




Tips While Traveling

Airline Delays



Buying gifts when traveling can be a chore. Here are some great tips for buying gifts for those you care about while vacationing.


Airline Delays



A guide on how much to tip when traveling to different countries or if you are going on a cruise for the first time.



Airline Delays



Find some great games for kids to travel with. You will find reviews on old favorites like Uno and Yahtzee and some other great ideas to keep the kids and for that matter adults entertained while travelling together.




Airline Delays



A list of great travel gadgets that will make travelling easier and deginately more fun! See what we recommend for packing, for while you are at your destination and to keep your clothes dry and wrinkle free. See our collection of luggage scales, biodegradable sunscreen, TSA approved luggage locks, and power converters.

Popular Family Vacation ideas

Romantic Vacations in USA


Romantic Vacations in USA

New York City, Hawaii, Las Vegas, or California. There are so many excellent destinations and ideas for romance in the United States.




Florida Vacation Guide

Fun adventures for the whole family. Amusement parks, beaches, resorts, what more could you ask for?