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Vacation Ideas from Travel Magazines

About the third week of every month our favourite magazines arrive in the the mailbox. When Warren and I started traveling we subscribed to Conde Nast Traveller and Travel + Leisure Magazine. Each month we read the magazines from cover to cover and dream about our next vacation together and as a family.

What is really cool now, is that Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveller both have iPad editions that come with our subscription!

The photos are inspiring and there is something about dreaming about the destinations. Some of the hotels may be pricey but they give us lots of great ideas on where to go, or what areas of cities etc to go to.

If nothing else, these magazines give us our "travel fix" for just a couple of hours. Sometimes I get great vacation ideas, other times I become clear that certain destinations may just not be for us. 

Just like how the best travel guide books can help with planning your romantic or family vacation, so can magazines.

We are happy that we have subscribed to our favourite magazines as the discount off of the newsstand price is substantial. You usually save 70% or more.

What are your favourite magazines? Is it one about travel photography? About a certain sport like SCUBA diving or surfing? Or maybe it is about camping or luxury travel? Maybe it is about your favorite destination or cruising? Or Adventure travel or Executive travel?

Whatever it is please share it below with us and our other visitors!

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