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European Travel Guide for Your Next Vacation

European vacations are great romantic or family vacation idea. Europe has it all, culture, adventure, relaxation, shopping, walking till you drop or even shopping till you drop. Since the European Union formed it is even easier to travel within Europe.

Travelling from culture to culture within a few hours is quite easy. You could start with a croissant in Paris for breakfast, waffles for lunch in Belgium and finish with schnitzel for dinner in Germany.

European Travel Guide
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Our advice is to choose a couple of places to visit while in Europe and to not overdo it. We have talked to so many people who choose to vacation in Europe and try to see 10 countries in 10 days. They usually come home saying how they regret it.


Now while it is possible, you won't have time to see the beautiful sights, enjoy the food or really immerse in the culture. Some of our favorite times in Europe have been sitting in a cafe in Amsterdam watching the world go by.

Whether you are looking for romance or looking to take your kids to see their hero Harry Potter's world in England, a European vacation will be one you will never forget.

On a budget? Check out ideas on how to budget travel Europe.

One of the best places to start when choosing what to do on your European Vacation is to check out a European Travel Book

European Travel Guide - Our Experiences in Europe

For us Europe is more of a romantic destination. This is probably because we spent our honeymoon in Europe. We had 12 days, so we both chose a place we wanted to visit. I chose 4 days in Rome as it always sounded terribly romantic. Warren chose Monte Carlo as he wanted to see the world famous casino. And our last 4 days were in London and England as my family is from Bristol, England and we have dear friends who live in London and invited us to stay with them.

We loved our honeymoon. It was the beginning of our travel life together. We had never really traveled anywhere further than NYC, Las Vegas or Florida before this trip.

So not only did we get to enjoy these 3 beautiful places together, we got to see that we travel really well together and how much we enjoy traveling together. I guess you could say it was the start of this website too.

European Travel Guide

Enjoying a Pizza at the Piazza Navona in Rome at Christmas Time

Since our honeymoon, we have traveled back to Europe to Amsterdam, Paris and the South of France, and have taken a cruise from Barcelona, Spain with stops in Rome (we revisited our favorite spots form our honeymoon), Naples, Alexandria Egypt, Athens, and Crete Greece.

In the summer of 2010 we visited Amsterdam again, the south of France (Monte Carlo and Nice) and some time in Paris France together.

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Best European Vacation Ideas

With so much to see and do in Europe I often have a hard time planning a trip to this incredibly diverse continent. I usually research destinations by asking friends, other travel experts on Twitter or Facebook, looking through the best travel books or go to TripAdvisor for inspiration.

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I have added this page to Excellent Vacation Ideas to allow you to add your best European vacation ideas.

Please feel free to add anything you would like as long as it pertains to Europe. Did you stay at a fabulous hotel? Take a tour through wine country that was incredible and not to be missed? Eat is a beautiful out of the way cafe? Or is there a small town that you absolutely loved and want to share with others.

Your Europe Vacation Ideas

Is there a hotel, city, restaurant or thing to do in Europe that you really enjoyed or would recommend. Or is there one that you warn people away from? Share it here:

European Travel Guide

European Travel Guide


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