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Romantic European Vacation

There is nothing more romantic then a walk along the Seine in Paris, sharing a fresh pizza in Naples, trying your luck at the casino in Monte Carlo or lying on a beach together the white sands of Greece.


Paris, France
Romantic Paris - the City of Lights
Photo from - Nino.Modugno

Every country has it's own charm and you can find romance around every corner. Start by looking at what you like to do. Is it shopping in some of the most beautiful stores in the world? Eating wonderful food or trying different wines?


Experiencing the history of the Acropolis in Greece, or the Coliseum in Rome together?


Maybe it is taking a cooking class together in France or Italy? What about a hike through the Alps?


Maybe you just want to have a drink together in a local bar in Amsterdam, take an Canal Cruise through the city, or spice it up and take a walk through the Red Light District and enjoy the "local entertainment". There are so many romantic things to do in Amsterdam, including visiting the incredible works of art or history in the Amsterdam Museums.


If you choose France, there are many romantic things to do in Paris, Take a Seine River cruise, lie on the beaches in the South of France, taste the wine throughout the different in the wine regions.


I found this video on Portugal and fell in love with it too. It is now on my bucket list.



Whatever you love to do together, you can enjoy it in Europe.


Some more Romantic ideas for a trip to Europe include:

  • Take a gondola ride on the canals of Venice
  • Wander along Las Ramblas in Barcelona, then find the best tapas in the world at a little restaurant just off the beaten path
  • Wander the streets and visit the medieval buildings in Brugge Belgium
  • Rome... Need I say more? Sit on the Spanish Steps together watching the people go by then find an out of the way restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine and bruschetta together
  • Try somewhere new and take a trip to Budapest. The architecture is beautiful and the city is a place to experience the thermal baths, the art and the beautiful churches
  • Visit Copenhagen and enjoy the old with the new. Beautiful modern and ancient architecture, canals and great restaurants!
  • Lie on the beaches in the South of France, then wander through the towns
  • Create your own perfume in the perfumeries in the South of France
  • Take a train trip through the mountains
  • Sleep in a castle in Ireland, Scotland or England
  • Take a champagne tour through France
  • Take a hot air balloon ride in Austria
  • Tour the castles of Bavaria in Germany

Romantic European Vacation Ideas - Tour a Bavarian Castle
Photo of Neuschwanstein Caslt in Bavaria Germany from - Reenie-Just Reenie

Do you have any more romantic ideas for Europe? Share them here:

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Romantic European Vacation

Romantic European Vacation Ideas

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