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New York City Travel Guide

New York city is a fun and exciting city to visit. We love to visit Manhattan, both as a family and as couple. Although I have to be honest with you, we find it busy and chaotic at times, so we limit our visits to 2-3 days. It is only an hour flight for us, so that makes it easy to do.

New York City Travel Guide


New York City has a special place in our heart as Warren and I had our first romantic trip away together here. We stayed at the Plaza and it really was magical!


It's amazing to see the different cultures, the immense size, the speed and energy and the chaos yet organization of the city. It really is like no other city on earth. Each area has it's own distinct neighborhood that offers something unique.



There is something for everyone, attractions, shopping, the lights of Times Square, shopping, museums, shopping, Broadway shows, shopping, fine dining to street fairs. It is very hard to be bored in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs and really everyone will find something that interests them.


You may ask when is the best time to go? There is always something going on in NYC, but if you are talking about weather then personally we like April/May, September/October or Christmas. We have been over a dozen times and I think we have been at every time of year. See our thoughts on NYC weather here.


There is so much to do in this amazing city. So make sure you do your research and plan your days, otherwise you may find you don't have enough time to do everything you were hoping for. This New York city travel guide is a good place to start!


It is a great city for a romantic or a family vacation, continue on to see some great New York Vacation Ideas!

New York City Travel Guide Videos

Here is a video that I found that can give you a taste of the City!


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New York City Vacations

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New York City Travel Guide Ideas

Times Square New York

Times Square

The famous Times Square is such a vibrant and exciting area of New York City. Situated in the heart of Broadway, you will the find the iconic neon signs, theaters, restaurants and lots of shopping.

NYC Neighbohoods

NYC Neighborhoods

Each New York neighborhood has a different types of shopping. They are so much fun to wander around and explore. You never know what you will find around the next corner.

New York City Shopping

NYC Shopping

Shopping in Manhattan is like no where else. You will find the best couture, all of the brand name stores and thousands of bargains. See where we recommend to shop!
New York City Weather


NYC Weather

When is the best time to visit New York City and get the best weather? See what the weather is like now and at other times of the year to choose which is the best time to visit New York.

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New York City Travel Guide