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10 Tips for Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

10 Tips to Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

New York City Walking Tours

When we visit New York we usually walk more than we ever thought we would. Around every corner in every NYC neighborhood there is something new to see, experience or explore.


New York City Walking Tours
Trinity Church near Wall Street and WTC

New York walking tours are the absolute best way to see and experience New York City. You can download some online, buy walking tours New York City books or you can take an organized tour through one of the many tour operators.


No matter what your interest is, chances are you will find a tour for it in New York. Is it Central Park? photography? Movies? Music? Broadway? Architecture?


Below you will find a few walking tours that you may be interested in.

New York City Walking Tours Neighborhoods

New York City Walking Tours

Central Park

Take two! Tour Central Park to visit more than 40 movie locations on this fascinating tour for film buffs and visitors alike. It's a fascinating way to visit Central Park and its many attractions.

A 2 hour walking tour with prices starting from $18 USD it looks like a great deal!



New York City Walking Tours

Bronx Walking Tour

Join a walking tour to see the Bronx as it really is, a borough of diverse ethnic groups and neighborhoods, of great cultural institutions, an area of surprising natural beauty, of rolling hills and parks and parkways, a peninsula the size of San Francisco and the only New York City borough attached to the U.S. mainland.


New York City Walking Tours

World Trade Center Walking Tour The World Trade Center once stood tall and prominent, representing one of the world's largest financial complexes in New York City. This New York City walking tour takes you around the Ground Zero site to explore both the past and future of the World Trade Center. The tour offers an unforgettable experience as you hear stories of the heroes of 9/11 and New York City's darkest hours.

Private Walking Tour with a Personal Photographer

New York City Walking Tours


Take a private walking tour of New York City with a difference! With your very own photographer to take photos at your request, you'll explore New York's most exciting locations and capture the experience in beautiful color photographs. If you're traveling as a couple, you can both be in the picture for a change!


Music Based New York City Walking Tours

New York City Walking Tours

Harlem Hip Hop Tour
Take a guided tour through Harlem to the sites that inspired and nurtured hip-hop culture. New York is the birthplace of hip-hop and this walking tour allows you to take a hip-hop look at New York's famous Harlem neighborhood. See it as the pioneers of hip-hop see it by way of their exclusive anecdotes.


New York City Walking Tours

New York City Original Rock 'n' Roll Walking Tour
Take a walk on New York's wild side to the sites where famous and infamous musicians played, lived and shopped. Ever wondered where the Ramones, Television and Blondie called home in New York City? Where Led Zeppelin, the Doors, the Animals and the Who would play until the wee hours of the morning? The Original Rock 'n' Roll Walking Tour will help you answer these questions and many more as you stroll the streets of the Big Apple.

DIY New York City Walking Tours

Here are just a few of the possible walking tours New York City you could choose from Amazon:


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New York City Travel Guide Ideas

NYC Neighbohoods


NYC Neighborhoods

Each New York neighborhood has a different types of shopping. They are so much fun to wander around and explore. You never know what you will find around the next corner.

Times Square New York


Times Square New York

The famous Times Square is such a vibrant and exciting area of New York City. Situated in the heart of Broadway, you will the find the iconic neon signs, theaters, restaurants and lots of shopping.

Shopping in New York

New York Garment Center Shopping Tour

Shop like an industry insider in the Garment District, the epicenter of fashion in New York City! On this three-hour guided walking tour, you'll visit private showrooms not accessible to the public. You'll also shop at hot designer sample sales, and snap up women's clothing and accessories for less than the wholesale price. Note that shopping destinations are primarily for woman's items.