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Affordable Europe Vacation

A European vacation can be quite expensive, especially if you don't plan it well. While planning our next trip to Europe, I found this great video for planning for a European vacation, It is an interview with the Senior Editor of Travelocity.


She offers advice for Americans who are traveling with US Dollars. If you aren't American or are not traveling in USD there are still some great tips for traveling to this continent. She also talks about other destinations in Asia and South America to save money.




In 2010 the Euro has decreased in value making it less expensive to travel to and within Europe.

Their tips include:

  • Plan your European Vacation in advance
  • Book all pieces of your travel in USD - it will make you immune to fluctuations in currency
  • And at the same time,  you will save more booking it together in a bundled package
  • Choose destinations that aren't part of or using the Euro yet. Your dollars may go further there i.e. city vacation think of Prague
  • Let your credit card company know that you are traveling to Europe so your charges don't lead to fraud alerts.
  • Choose to drink water over soda - soda is very expensive here - sometimes more than a beer or glass of wine.
  • Do your research and find cheap and clean hostels to stay in. Look into Tripadvisor for where others are staying like the in A Room in Paris

Our Tips for an Affordable Vacation in Europe

  • Go off season,especially to places like Paris and Amsterdam, there will be less crowds and the weather might not be as great but chances are it will be cheaper.
  • Look for and follow blogs on Europe on the cheap
  • Collect and use travel reward miles
  • Camp! I know maybe doesn't sound exciting but according to Deb and Dave from (Canada's Adventure Couple) camping in France is amazing - a lot of the campgrounds are like resorts and include pools, a restaurant and impeccably clean rest rooms.
  • Buy food from local markets for smaller meals and snacks
  • Avoid hefty ATM fees when exchanging money in Europe
  • Rent an apartment instead of hotel rooms - you can make your own food and most likely if you are travelling as a family it will be cheaper.

Do you have any tips to share about taking an affordable Europe vacation? Click here to share them

Save Money During Your Europe Vacation

I also found this great video from Peter Greenberg about how to enjoy this area of the world less expensively. He speaks of taking public transportation and visiting less popular museums and enjoying them just as much!



Do you have any tips to share about how to have a European vacation that doesn't break the bank?

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