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Take an Awesome Eiffel Tower Picture

Eiffel Tower Picture - We took these pictures of the Eiffel Tower on our most recent trip to Paris. We hope you enjoy them!


On a recent Romantic trip to Paris, I wanted to get a great picture that wasn't like all the other pictures of the attraction. I was just learning how to take better pictures while travelling, this is a goal of mine as I want to share pictures of the places we visit that are different than others. I am tired of taking 4000 photos and hoping that at least 100 turn out nice.


As Warren and I were playing with and learning how to use the camera we realized that one of the icons on the display was the Eiffel Tower! How appropriate! We also learned that it is one of the top ten places photographed in the world!


Most people take a casual snapshot of icons, get home and think wow that photo doesn't look as good as the real thing! Or Man I really wish I had a better picture of this attraction.


Here is my favorite photo I took. While it doesn't show the whole thing, I like how it tells the story of what was going on that day as we laid on the grass in the park.


Eiffel Tower Picture


Do you have a favorite picture of the this icon that you have taken? We would love to see them! Add it to our pictures of the Eiffel Tower Page here.


Anyway, I did a little research about how to take great pictures of icons and came up with this post from Digital Photography School. Peter West Carey talks in this article about bringing back a well rounded story of the icons that you photograph. So step out of the box. Take the icon from a different angle, or from a different place all together.


Other tips found on this article: "7 Tips to Help Bring Back No Boring and Possibly Non Horrid Travel Photos" they suggest that you get up early and stay out late. I love this tip, allow taking a great Eiffel Tower picture is hard to do as it is busy all the time. But at least you would get some really cool lighting at sunset or sunrise. They also suggest using the "rule of thirds" that is put your focal point (the main subject of your picture) to the right or left third of the photo. So in this case you would have your picture of the Eiffel tower with the actual tower on the left or right side of the picture.


Great Barrier Reef Australia

More Eiffel Tower Pictures


Eiffel Tower Picture
Love the sky in this photo


Eiffel Tower Picture
Taken from the Arc De Triomphe


Eiffel Tower Picture
Tourists and Army, France takes security seriously hereEiffel Tower Picture



Eiffel Tower Picture
Standing underneath

Eiffel Tower Picture
It's hard to get a nice Eiffel Tower picture at night.


Share your favorite pictures of the Eiffel Tower


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