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Be Your Own Seat Guru on Your Next Flight

Seat Guru, seatguru.comBe your own seat guru on your next flight. Learn how to make your next flight as comfortable as possible with websites like


With the changes and craziness that is happening with air travel these days, it always pays to do your research to make your travel as comfortable.


Airlines are now starting to charge for seat selection or save the best seats for their frequent fliers. Some airlines are charging as much as $100 to select the "best seats". If you choose to pay for a premium seat then know what you are getting.


You may pay extra for a bulkhead seat or exit row seat, but I have been in both types of seats in the past only to find out that the seats may be narrower, may not have as much leg room as I thought, have little or no storage, or don't recline.


For the last 5 years, we have relied on to choose the best seat to make our long or even not so long flights comfortable. We use it when we fly economy or business class and where we can we contribute to it too. We always want to know which seats come with power, or are more desirable.

How to Pick a Great Seat in Coach on an Airplane Video

This video says it all! Take a minute to watch it to get a step by step plan on how to choose your airline seat!


Some of Our Tips on How to Get the Best Seat in Coach

  1. Join frequent flier programs. I am an Elite member of Air Canada. With that the exit row and bulkhead seats are always available to me - most of the time without a charge.
  2. Fly in off-peak times - you will most likely get more selection, or be able to switch easily
  3. Make sure you always have a seat booked - even if it is a less desirable one. People who arrive at the airport without a seat selected are usually the first to be bumped involuntarily.
  4. Check in online 24 hours before if the airline allows it. Most airlines will release exit rows or bulkhead seats at this time.
  5. Take a chance on having an empty seat next to you, select a seat towards the back of the plane, with an empty middle seat next to you. Hey you never know.
  6. Research your seat selection with websites like

Other seat selection websites have popped up over the last few years to help you be your own seat guru, including and


Now it's your turn.

What are your favorite tips for selecting your seat when flying in Coach? Comment in our Facebook comments below:

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