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How to Pack Light - Your Tips and Tricks

How to Pack Light? The ultimate question in our house - I am always looking for tips on packing - Can you help us and other visitors out?

How to Pack Light

With airline restrictions on baggage these days, it is getting harder and harder to pack for vacation or business travel.

Many people are coming up with some great ideas for packing light. Unfortunately I am not one of them!

Can you help us and others out?

Please share with us what your packing tips and tricks are.

Do you pack differently for different kinds of trips (i.e. Cruise vs land travel)?

Do you swear by a certain brand of luggage or type of bag?

What are you "can't live without" items when travelling?

Do you have a packing list you live by?

Do you have a funny story about packing?

We would love to hear your ideas:

Your Packing Ideas

What are Your Tips and Tricks to Packing Light?

Do you have a great tip or trick to packing?

What have the airline restrictions forced you to do with packing?

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Tips for Packing Light 
My system for packing for a long trip ( more than 10 days) is to choose three colors. For instance, red, white and black. Have every item interchangable …

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