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How to Pack a Suitcase

There are many tips and tricks on the internet about how to pack a suitcase. I have tried most of them.

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 How to Pack a Suitcase

We travel as a family or for business at least once a month on average. Regardless of who is travelling in the family, it is usually left up to me to do the packing. What can I say? I do it best. 

I have to start by saying, I don't roll our clothes or do anything special like you may see in travel videos about packing. It works for some, and all the power to them, but to be honest it annoys me. I hate packing and unpacking as it is, why would I want to make it harder for myself (at least that is how I see it).

How I pack will depend on what kind of trip we are going on and for how long. We also aren't necessarily the lightest of packers, although we are getting better at that. As we are frequent fliers, we are allowed 3 bags each and up to 70 lbs for each bag. Not that we take that much, we aren't that crazy.

We only use inexpensive soft sided suitcases. They work well for us, we can roll them easily, and they almost ALWAYS get damages some how during transit. We tried expensive, hard case luggage, and EVERY piece of it was damaged during a flight and we would have to buy another suitcase at some point in a trip.

My Tips on How to Pack a Suitcase

My tips on how to pack a suitcase:
  1. As I mentioned earlier, we buy inexpensive luggage and replace it when needed. It works out to the same amount as expensive luggage over the lifetime of the luggage, and we don't care if it gets damaged.
  2. Use LOTS of ziploc bags. When packing toiletries and anything that may leak, I place them in ziploc bags, and I sometimes double bag them. I organize them by items, i.e. shampoos in one bag, medications in another. I take extras with me in case something leaks or if we need to bring something home that is still wet.
  3. Always put heavier items, i.e. toiletry bags or bottles (if you are bringing home duty free!) towards the bottom of the bag where the wheels are. This will stop them from crushing your clothes while you are rolling your bags.
  4. I put shoes on the sides of the suitcase and on the bottom. For longer trips I will take a smaller separate duffle bag (one with wheels) and put all the toiletries and shoes in this bag. It helps with room in the suitcase and the weight of it too. I am amazed at how much weight we can put in that little duffle!
  5. Warren's shirts. First off I make sure he buys shirts where the wrinkles drop out - saves so much hassle. I keep these shirts on the wire hangers from the dry cleaners. I place them on the bed one at a time on top of each other. Then fold the arms into the shirts. Then fold the shirts in half and and smooth them out. I then place them on the top of the suitcase. They tend to arrive at our destinations mostly wrinkle free. Warren is always amazed at when he goes away on business how great his shirts look.
  6. Many people like to use packing cubes to organize their luggage. For those who are interested in the benefits of using them, check out this Packing Cubes Review at our friends at They like them a lot and have written a good review based on their personal experience of using them.

What are your tips on how to pack a suitcase?

Don't forget to save room for buying gifts when travelling.

Your Tips on How to Pack a Suitcase

What are Your Tips and Tricks to Packing a suitcase?

Do you have a great tip or trick to packing a suitcase?

Is there a particular piece or brand of luggage that you love to use? Share it here:

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