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10 Tips for Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

10 Tips to Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

How Much to Tip in Different Countries

How much to Tip

So you have booked your vacation of a lifetime, or maybe you have to visit a different country on business, and you are unsure how much to tip in restaurants, taxi drivers, maids, bell men or other situations.


You want to make sure that you are in line with the customs of your destination, but don't want to overdo it or worse, under do it!


There is nothing more uncomfortable with that unspoken silence while you figure out if, and how much to tip when out for dinner or in a taxi.


Here is our tipping etiquette tips (pun intended) based on region you are travelling to.




  • United Kingdom: Most parts of country have a service charge included, if not then 10-15% is customary. Tipping in pubs is not customary, but you can buy the bartender a drink if you like
  • France: Locals usually tip up to 10% at restaurants - on top of the service charges added. Visitors don't have to tip unless you feel that the service was excellent
  • Germany: Tip at restaurants 10 to 15% - they prefer Euros
  • Switzerland: usually a 15% service charge is added to your bill. If not then add 15%
  • Italy: Cath Andrews from Explore Italian Culture recommends that in the larger cities you add 10% to the bill, in more rural places you don't tip as the restaurants just want to make sure that you enjoyed your meal. Hotel staff don't expect a tip, but the cleaning staff usually is not paid much so a tip is appreciated.
  • Turkey: 10% or more but they only accept cash for tips

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USA and Canada:

  • You will always tip as it is customary 15-20% depending on service
  • Tip servers, taxi drivers (15%), hotel bell men, hair stylists - amount depends on the job and how well they did.
  • Large parties sometimes have a auto grat so look for this on the check (or in Canada the bill)
  • Bellmen should receive $1 a bag
  • Food delivery 10% of bill


  • Cash only and dollars accepted - 10-15%

South America:

  • Brazil: No tipping the majority of the time - can add 10% if service was excellent
  • Argentina: Some restaurants add a service charge, if not round up and add 10%.


  • China: No tipping at all.
  • Japan: 90% of time there is no tipping. Some services may appreciate a tip - prefer Yen
  • South Korea: No tipping. Hotel porters will take $1 a bag
  • India: smaller places a few rupees will be fine. Make sure that places don't add a service charge - if not 15% is ok - don't use Dollars
  • Hong Kong: 10% service charge is added to your bill - can add -10% more - More Facts about Hong Kong

Middle East:

  • Can be complex and subtle - you will find lots of people expecting tips, but small amounts will do
  • Dubai: 10% added to hotels and restaurant bills, but feel free to add to it
  • Egypt: tip included in bill - add 5-10%, Housekeeper - $1-$2 a day, Concierge at beginning of stay, $20 will go far, Guides and drivers - depends on service $20 per person per day if they are knowledgeable and keep the hawkers away.
  • Israel: Restaurants usually include the tip in the bill, Tip bellmen 6 shekels a bag, 3 to 6 shekels a day for housekeepers, Guides and drivers, 10-15% for taxi drivers, 90-120 shekels per person per day for guides - dollars not accepted.
  • Jordan: Service included in bill- can add 5-10% for waiter,


  • South Africa: 10-15% for restaurants waiters, taxi drivers 10%

For a more detailed list of How Much to Tip, check out this Conde Nast Article

How Much to Tip on Cruises

How much to tip
How much to tip is a sensitive subject to some cruisers in recent years as many of the larger cruise lines have changed how passengers are to tip. In the old days, you would be given a guideline of so much per day for each of the people who served you.


So lets say $5 a day per guest for your server in the restaurant, $5 per day per guest for your cabin steward and many other people. Then they would automatically charge 15% for drinks purchased at bars and other services like the spa. This got to be confusing and in some cases people didn't tip at all.


Cruising has changed in recent years. It has become much more main stream and traditional dining (where you eat in the same restaurant, at the same time, with the same people and the same waiters) is being replaced with "anytime dining" where you may not see the same wait staff each night for dinner. Norwegian Cruise Lines were the first to do this.


So many of the larger cruise lines just added an auto gratuity to your bill at the end of the cruise. Typically it is abut $10-$13 per day per guest. You can also add to that for particular crew members. If you would rather tip your crew members directly, some cruise lines will allow you to remove the auto gratuity and then you can give the gratuity to each crew member individually.


Regardless of how you do it. Make sure you do as crew members work really hard to make your cruise special, and they don't make much in salary. They rely heavily on these tips. So if you are unsure about how much to tip on cruises, check with the cruiseline.


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