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10 Tips for Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

10 Tips to Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

Vacations to Asia - Hong Kong

Vacations to Asia can include countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali and Thailand.  Hong Kong is a great place to visit if this is your first visit to the Far East. It is so easy to get around, can help you ease into the cultural differences of the area and many people speak English.


 Asia Vacation


We found it a great starting point for our trips to the Far East. In fact, we even said that we will make sure that we start our trips in Hong Kong. It is a great place to transition from Western culture to Eastern culture.


Since Hong Kong was ruled by the British until 1997, and China has agreed to allow Hong Kong to be governed and remain the same for 50 years after, it is also a great introduction to China.


Whether you are looking for a romantic or a family vacation there is something for everyone in Hong Kong!

Vacations to Asia - Macau

Most people think of Macau as "the Las Vegas of Asia", and in many ways it is. However it is also so much more.


Vacations to Asia, Macau


We would not recommend Macau as a family destination, unless you are doing a day trip and include the Macau Tower. It is however a lovely romantic destination.


A former Portuguese Colony, Macau offers casinos, world class dining, the Macau Tower adventures of bungee jumping and sky walking, the beautiful history and culture (like the A-Ma Temple), and of course those awesome egg tarts and almond cookies (to be fair we loved the almond cookies but not the egg tarts too much). Make sure you take time to tour around Macau while there. There is so much more to see then just the casinos.


Macau is a beautiful and exciting romantic destination. If you are in Hong Kong then you can do a day trip or take a couple of days to really experience Macau and the excitement.


Vacations to Asia - Thailand

Are you looking to relax, find adventure, go scuba diving, stay in luxurious resorts, or a villa on the beach, then Thailand is a great Asian vacation idea.


Couples and families alike, can find pretty much anything they may be looking for in a vacation at any budget level.



Vacations to Asia, Thailand


Thailand is incredibly romantic as you will find world class spas, beaches and restaurants. Warren and I spent a week in Phuket enjoying the Spa and a Villa at the Banyan Tree Phuket. It was one of our more romantic weeks together!


Thailand is also extremely family oriented with it's beaches, activities, and of course the elephants. The Thai people are very family oriented and absolutely love children. They welcome them with open arms pretty much anywhere.


You can choose from the excitement and chaos Bangkok or the serenity of the miles and miles of beaches on the coast. You will find amazing culture in Chaing Mai or quiet of Koh Samui. Or if you are looking for excitement and quiet then Phuket may be your island of choice.  You could even choose to do an Elephant Safari or spend some time in a small village.

There really is something for everyone in Thailand.

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Hong Kong - vibrant, exciting and historic. A great introduction to the Far East, and an excellent family or romantic vacation idea.
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Fun adventures for adults or for the family. Choose Macau as a day trip if you are not into casinos, However if you like casinos then spend more than a day here. 
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Asia Vacation Ideas

Asia is an excellent vacation idea for a family or a romantic vacation. Check out some of our favorite places to visit including, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia.