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People travel for different reasons. Whether its to get away, to shop, to learn a language, for self-discovery, for cultural immersion, or simply to visit famous landmarks, traveling definitely affects people. However, if you want to take traveling to a whole new level, try voluntourism.

Voluntourism is a great way to take a great vacation and make a difference!

No matter what your interests, talents, and skills are, there is a community that could use your help. This video shows a number of different organizations that would love to have you for voluntourism:


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Volunteering ideas from the video:


Aldea Yanapay
Yuri, the man behind this project, believes that education provides opportunities. So he started an organization that educates the children of Cusco in Peru. To sustain the costs, Yuri sold artwork and cards and eventually ventured into running a hostel and a restaurant. Now, he accepts volunteers from around the world to either help out at the school or at a police commissary.



Positive Footprints
World Nomads is sponsoring various groups to go to Rajasthan, India and Amanda Byrne's team, Positive Footprints, is one of them. They help in restoring school facilities by doing paint jobs among other things. Walking Tree Travel. This organization specializes in arranging volunteer travel for high school students. Their programs focus on community service, cultural and linguistic immersion, and adventure.


A Broader View
You can volunteer anywhere in the world through this organization's programs that are rather customizable. They have a very extensive website ( and you can also contact them for any questions. Once you have decided on a program, just click on 'apply now'.


Organic Farming in South Africa
Spending time with people of different cultural backgrounds and working together towards a goal is a very rewarding experience. Not only do you get to get some work done but you also get to discover more about the world.


New Shoes
Even without any organizations as backup, one can still volunteer. No effort is too small when helping. For instance, going out to Panama City and giving shoes to children who don't have them may be a small thing but it certainly wouldn't go unappreciated.


There are more organizations and ways to volunteer out there. You just have to find the program, be it in your home country or abroad, that suits you best and make your next travel experience a more meaningful and inspiring one.


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