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Games for a Road Trip

"Are we there yet?" "How much longer?" "I have to pee!"


games for a road trip, excellent vacation ideasHow many road trips has this been the norm for you and your family? Nothing makes a road trip go slower!


Depending on the length of a road trip, portable DVD's or game consoles may not keep the kids - or adults for that matter- happy for the whole trip.


When we go on a road trip we try to make it as much fun as the trip itself! So we try to incorporate free road trip games that we can play together. Not only does it make the time go faster, it also allows us to spend time together and enjoy each other!


After all a family that plays together stays together! For some games to take with you check out our travel games for kids page.



Games for a Road Trip - Create a Scavenger Hunt

Give each person playing a list of items to look for while driving. Each person checks off each item as they find it.

If you have younger children that can't read then make the list with pictures and check boxes. Make it a little more fun and use stickers to check off the items!

Play the game a couple of times in different parts of the road trip. Here are some examples of things to look for:

  • Bus
  • Signs in Foreign language
  • Dog
  • Railroad tracks
  • Advertising sign with an animal on it
  • Cows
  • Wild animal
  • Starbucks
  • Cat
  • National Park

For some more ideas on Scavenger Hunts Check out this site at


Play the License Plate Game

games for a road trip


This classic and fun game is great on long travel trips, especially if you are on an interstate or main highway. 


List out all the states and/or provinces on a sheet of paper and have each participant look for each license plate.


If you are road tripping in another country then figure out how their license plates are organized and create a play sheet based on that.


Each person can compete against each other or work as a team. Create a new game on each leg of the trip and see who gets the most plates!


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