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Themed Vacation with Kids

Learning or Volunteering Vacation with Kids.  Are you looking for "something different" for your next family vacation?

Themed Vacation with Kids

You could theme your vacation by picking your favorite music and touring the city it came from, or your family's favorite TV show or movie and do the same.


Or you could make the experience one that changes your kids life or other people's lives.


These days we don't always have time to have family dinners around the dining room table, or regular "Family Time". Make your family vacation the time to bond - what better way to do it then by learning something together or making a difference together!


Take out your creativity cap, call a family meeting and come up with a themed vacation!



Themed Vacation with Kids

Learning Vacation with Kids - Learning Vacation

Take a hands on learning vacation with kids.

  • Does your family want to learn a new sport?
  • Learn about the ancient world?
  • Learn more about Dinosaurs?
  • Learn about Evolution?  or Wildlife?

Go to a resort that offers the PADI scuba certificate - You can become certified divers during the week. Think about how fun it would be to take the course together and to achieve your certification together - Talk about family bonding!



This video shows you Pro Dive in Cairns Australia that takes you to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia - You can also do these in the Caribbean or any popular destination. I did one of these live-aboards as a certified diver - It was the best way to dive! The pricing is good and it was fun too!


You could take the classroom learning and pool work at home at a local dive shop, and then take a vacation to do your 5 certification dives that are required to get your certification.


Learn to Fish in Argentina or Chile - Interested in fishing or the great outdoors? Try a Learn to Fish vacation. If Argentina is too far then look for one closer to where you live. Or live a little and take in a new country and learn to fish!


Explore the dinosaurs and take a trip to Drumheller, Alberta, Canada and visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.You can do a Family Science Camp where you will camp and prospect for fossils in the badlands of Alberta. You can make casts of real dinosaur bones and take a behind the scenes tour of the Museum. Check out the Dinosaur Provincial Park whey you are there. I visited this museum (and I am not a huge dinosaur fan) in 1995 and I was really impressed with it.


Or go an an elephant trek or live with the Masai in Kenya.


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