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What do you think are the Best Beaches in the World?

A friend asked me this question the other day. What do I think are the best beaches that we have been to?

 Best Beaches in the World
Ellis Beach Between Cairns and Port Douglas on our Australia Vacation

To me that is a tough question for 2 reasons:

  1. We aren't big beach people. That doesn't mean that we don't like going to the beach to "see" it, we just don't like sunbathing etc. on the beach.
  2. In my opinion, beaches are subjective. Some people like beaches with no one on them and pristine sand, others like beaches with lots of people and activity. Some like beaches you can surf from, others like the surf calm and peaceful.

Best Beaches in the World
Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California

So my answer for "What are the best beaches in the world?". It will probably depend on my mood but one of my favourite's is Moonstone Beach in Cambria California, and it isn't a beach to sit on that is for sure! In fact the weather isn't always so great in Central California, so it is more of a surfing/driftwood hunting/checking out the seals and enjoying the sunset beach.

I also really liked La Jolla beach near San Diego, California. No we visited it in December, so again it was quite cool, but the beach and area was beautiful.

Then for fun and activity, we enjoy Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. There are always people around, the surf is good and there is lots to do with great hotels and restaurants. Montana learned to surf here!

Recently I spent some time in Anguilla for a conference, and I would have to say that for quiet, romantic beaches I would choose Anguilla. Cove Bay or Shoal Bay Beach (if the tide isn't in and the water isn't rough).

So that begs the question then: What do you think are the best beaches in the world?

We found this video showcasing some of the beaches that the people at like. But we want to know what you think. Maybe send us a picture or 2 and share what you like about a beach that you have visited.

If you agree or don't agree with the video tell us what you agree with or don't agree with on our Facebook comments below!

Best Beaches in the World Video - Do you Agree? or Disagree?

Watch more World videos at

Oftentimes when we think of vacations, the beach is almost always the first thing that comes to mind, especially during the summer. There is just something about beaches that makes us think of the sun and sand whenever we need a break from our busy lives.

Whether you like to unwind by partying the night away with friends and strangers at a lively beach or lazing about under the sun while reading a good book, you will surely find a sandy stretch from their list that will suit your fancy.

Clearwater Beach. The beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Miami are often too crowded. So if you prefer a more serene destination, head to Pinellas County, west of Tampa Bay. The place has the perfect subtropical weather for that dose of fun under the sun.

Venice Beach. This beach in California offers a different kind of atmosphere. There are street performers, artists, fortune tellers, and a drum circle every Sunday.

Beaches of Barcelona. There are seven in total and each has its own character. Certain facilities like bike lane, wheelchair access, and a library are available on some of these beaches.

The Red Beach in Santorini, Greece. You may need to drive and hike to bask in the red sand but it's all worth it. The beach offers some peace and quiet.

Head to Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos for some wild time, spontaneity, and nonstop party. Visitors don't even have to go anywhere to sleep and dine. Hostels and restaurants are available right on the beach.

Brazil is known for its beaches and Jurere International in Florianopolis is one that you should check out.

Cabo de la Vela. If seclusion is what you are after for that ideal downtime, Colombia's off the beaten path is the perfect paradise. Feel free and sleep on the sand.

Negril Beach in Jamaica. This is a great tropical beach to spend a day just hanging out and enjoying some water sports.

What Do You Think are the Best Beaches in the World?

Please share with us what you think the best beaches in the world are and why. If you have a photo of that beach or you or your family at that beach then please share it too!

Share your Favorite Beach:

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