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10 Tips for Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

10 Tips to Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

Dunns River Falls - A Don't Miss Port of Call Activity

Dunns River Falls is one of our favorite shore excursions when visiting Jamaica on a cruise. I did it as a child with my family when we took our first vacation away to Jamaica, then Warren and I climbed the falls on a cruise on the Voyager of the Seas in March of 2001. So when we took the NCL Pearl in March of 2012, it was a no brainer as Montana had never climbed the falls before.


Here is a video on YouTube I found, it was done with a helmet cam in HD so you can get an idea of how climbing the falls works. It is a little shaky at times, but hey the guy is climbing the falls!


How you can Experience Dunns River Falls Jamaica

There are many ways to experience Dunns River Falls. If you are staying on the island your hotel can arrange a tour for you. If you are visiting on a cruise, then you have many choices as well:

  • Take a tour through the cruiseline - You may be able to pre book it before you actually get on the cruise ship. You can choose a tour that takes you by bus, or by catamaran and will most likely include another activity. This can be expensive and crowded
  • Take a small tour with a local tour operator. We chose this option as we wanted to do 2 activities and didn't want to pay the prices of the cruise line. We chose Peat Taylor Tours and were really happy with them. Check out our day at The Falls
  • Go by yourself. Grab a taxi to the Falls and then it is about $20 USD to get in. This includes one climb up and you can spend the day at their beach. However make sure you go as early as you can, otherwise when the cruise ship passangers arrive it gets way too busy!
Dunns River Falls Beach



Tips and Tricks for Dunns River Falls

I have gathered some tips and tricks for your visit to the Falls, both from our experiences and from others online.

  • Go early, especially on cruise ship days (which is practically every day now). It gets incredibly busy and is more fun earlier when there are less people. They get about 3000 people a day climbing the falls. You want to be some of the first or you will be doing a lot of waiting!
  • Avoid Dunns River Falls when there is alot of people
    Photo via @aka521

  • Make sure you keep your watches to "ship time" just in case the time in Jamaica is an hour off. The last thing you want is to have a great time at the falls and then return to the cruise port to see your ship sailing off

  • Make sure you have good durable water shoes. Tevas work, but if you aren't sure rent or buy them at the falls - Warren knows the value of good water shoes as you can see from our time at Dunns River Falls Jamaica

  • You will find vendors asking (some find it hassling) you to buy their wares in the parking lot, and as you exit Dunns River Falls - a polite but stern no should work

  • Be careful of black rocks, they may be covered in Algae and a little more slippery

  • Don't carry anything up the falls with you except your waterproof camera (and don't forget to bring a waterproof camera - we did and I regret it!). You can rent lockers for about $8 (you get $3 back when you return the lock)


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