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Romantic Vacation Ideas - Questions to Ask Yourselves

Romantic Vacation Ideas. When choosing a romantic vacation one of the more important decisions to make is "What type of romantic vacation" would you like to have together.

Romantic Vacation Ideas


Are you looking for luxury?


Excitement or Relaxation?


Adventure and Activities?


Dine in Fine Restaurants? Or Make meals together?


Walks on the Beach or a Round of Golf?


Do you want to learn a skill together like cooking, wine tasting or scuba diving?


Sit down and talk it over with each other. Determine:

  • How long will you have together?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What do you want to do together?

Most importantly choose something that you will want to do together. When Warren and I go to Las Vegas we tend to do many things apart - so we make sure that we schedule in the romantic times together.

Romantic Vacation Ideas - All Inclusive Resorts

Most important thing about an all-inclusive resort - there is no planning!  Just relaxing and enjoying each other!


Usually you pay one price and that is it. Dine in wonderful restaurants, take a walk on the beach, work on your golf swing, take a dive, or read a book.


Your biggest stress is usually "What to have for dinner and where".

Whatever you like to do together, you can do at an all.

Apple Vacations offer some great all inclusive ideas.


 Romantic Vacation Ideas: Apple Vacations


Some great all inclusive companies for couples include: Sandals Resortsromantic vacation ideas,  SuperClubs icon, Secrets Resorts, or Club Med. Shop LuxuryLink.comromantic vacation ideas or Orbitz icon for deals and ideas too.


Make sure that before you book you check TripAdvisor to see what other people are saying about the place you choose to enjoy your romantic vacation together.

Romantic Vacation Ideas - Casino Resorts

It's no secret that we love Casino resort vacations. The main reason is that we like to play in the casinos and enjoy the luxury that most casino resorts offer. 

 Romantic Vacation Ideas, Casino Resorts

Casino resorts offer luxury that can be better than regular resorts. We enjoy their pool areas, shopping, shows and amazing restaurant options.


We usually try an plan a trip to a casino resort around an entertainment event.


 We have gone to Casino Windsor to see the rock band "Heart" play, and started staying the the MGM Grand in Las Vegas when the late night talk show host "Craig Ferguson" was headlining there.


You can have all the relaxation and excitement you want all in one spot!


Don't forget to see what other people are saying about the casino resort you choose over at TripAdvisor

Romantic Vacation Ideas - Cruising

 Romantic cruise ship vacations are one of the best vacations for couples. You have so many different possibilities for cruises, it may be hard to choose just one.


Romantic Vacation Ideas - CruisingThere are many things to think about including: cruise line, destinations, size of ships, demographics, number of children aboard (if that is an issue for you), and length of cruise.


Warren and I enjoy cruising and have taken at least 10 cruises with 5 different cruise lines.


We know the ins and outs of cruising and how to make it a special experience each time!


We love Norwegian Cruise Lines and Freestyle cruises as we enjoy the Suites and Villas that they offer, and the choice of dining options.


The best part of cruising is that you get to experience many different places and only have to unpack once!


How to Plan a Romantic Getaway on a Budget

Plan a romantic getaway close to home or on a budget.



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Popular Vacation Spots for Romance

Romantic Vacations


Romantic Destinations - Europe

Europe is our favorite romantic destination. What's more romantic than a walk down the Seine, or dinner in an outdoor cafe?



Fun, sun and relaxation. Spend some time together in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Explore the islands together, or just hang out on the beach. It's up to you.
Romantic Vacations in USA


Romantic Vacations in USA

New York City, Hawaii, Las Vegas, or California. There are so many excellent destinations and ideas for romance in the United States.