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Bermuda Beaches

What's more romantic than taking a walk with your honey on one of the many Bermuda beaches? Bermuda is famous for it's pink sand beaches for their beauty and uniqueness.  beaches are famous around the world for their beauty and their pink sand. If you are looking for the pink sand then you want to look for it in South Shore Park.


 Bemuda Beaches - Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay - Photo from put_the_needle_on_the_record


The best time of year to visit Bermuda is in May and October. If you like it really hot then the summer is the time for you. Just remember that Bermuda is located off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina or Myrtle Beach and the winters this far north can be very cool.


This video is a great introduction to the different beaches to visit, and if you only have one day it tells you how to enjoy as many beaches as you can in Bermuda!


Watch more Hamilton videos at


We visited Bermuda on a cruise on the Norwegian Dawn. We only had an a day in Bermuda, so we wandered around the capital, Hamilton, and then spent an hour or so at the Snorkel Park beach right by the cruise port. We really liked Bermuda and wished that we could have stayed longer.


Bermuda Beaches - Capital of Bermuda, Hamilton
Hamilton in Bermuda


Bermuda Beaches - Snorkel Park
Snorkel Park Entrance


Bermuda was names a "Travelers' Choice 2011 Winner with TripAdvisor! See what others have to say about Bermuda at TripAdvisor.

Bermuda Beaches at TripAdvisor 

Top 10 Bermuda Beaches from the Bermuda Channel

Here is a guide for top 10 gorgeous pink sand beaches in the island of Bermuda.


  1. Dockyard Snorkel Park - They supply everything here for a perfect day at the beach.
  2. Tobacco Bay is St. George's favorite. It is near the historic spots where the first settler came ashore
  3. Warwick Long Bay - is stated on its name, this beach is the longest beach on the island which makes it a great place for walking or running
  4. Nine Beaches - is where they offer the most exciting water sports in the island.
  5. Church Bay - is a great snorkelling spot where you'll find ancient canons just yards from the shore
  6. John Smith's Bay - loved by locals all over the island
  7. Jobson's Cove - is the most scenic beach and is perfect for small children
  8. Clear Water Beach - is located at the far eastern side of the island but it's worth the trip
  9. Elbow Beach - the posh, private, coral beach club is at one end, the luxurious, Elbow Beach, a Mandarin Oriental hotel at the other.
  10. Horseshoe Bay -  is rated as one of the world's best and is often featured in international travel magazines.

There are more than 300 more beaches to explore in Bermuda!

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