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Where is Bali?

You have heard that this magical island is one of the best honeymoon spots in the world, or maybe you heard that you just had to see it at some point in your life? Maybe you read the book or saw the movie "Eat Pray Love" and thought "wow I would love to go check out that placei". Sounds great - but where is Bali anyway?

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When I was in college to become a travel agent, everyone was excited about this destination. It was known as the ultimate tropical paradise.


That is great but where is it? Is it easy to get too? Can you go for a week? or is it a longer holiday destination? Well here are the answers to your questions.


Bali is one of the over 13,000 island of Indonesia in Southeast Asia. It lies between Java and Lombok and is about a 3 hour flight from Perth, Australia. That means to get there from North America it will take upwards of 20 hours to get there. hmmmm That is just way to long to go for just a week or two. At least in my opinion.


These Maps will allow you to get an idea of the island and where to visit.

How to Get to There - Where is Bali Again?

Since this island is in Southeast Asia you will have to get to that side of the world first, if you aren't there already. When looking to fly to here, you will be looking for flights to the capital city of Denpasar. It will depend on where you are flying from on what the best route for you will be.


Where is Bali
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When I suggested to Warren that we should go here for a week while we were on our Asia Vacation. First question he asked was "Where is Bali", I said "not far from where we are going."


We were travelling through Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore before going to Bali, so we flew in on Singapore Airlines from Singapore which was just a couple of hours. On the way home to Toronto however, it was a long couple of days. As we were flying with Air Canada and Singapore Airlines throughout our trip. We flew from Denpasar to Singapore then Singapore to Hong Kong. We arrived late into Hong Kong and stayed the night at a hotel at the Hong Kong Airport and then took the 15 hour flight to Toronto the next day. It was a really long 2 days, but we love flying so we loved it!


Flying from North America:

You will have to get to Asia first, so you can fly to Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or another large city in Asia then connect to Denpasar. If on the East Coast you can fly to Los Angeles or San Francisco first, then to Asia. Or it would make more sense to fly from New York to Hong Kong and then down to Denpasar, Bali. There are many airlines to choose from for these options.


Flying from Europe:

Again you will have to fly to Asia first. KLM flies from Amsterdam to Singapore 4 times a week. Or you could Fly with Air France from Paris. Then on to Bali from there. Or many airlines go from London to Singapore or Hong Kong and then you can connect from there to Bali as well.


Flying from Australia:

If flying from Australia it is only a few hours and you can find direct flights with Virgin Australia, Jetstar and the Indonesian airline Garuda Indonesia. From Perth it is about 3 1/2 hours, from Melbourne it is about 5 hours and Sydney and Brisbane about 6 hours.


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