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Restaurants in Las Vegas

More of our Favorite Picks:

Restaurants in Las Vegas
We love to hear of great restaurants we haven't tried, or if you have anything to add about one we mention please click here to share your Las Vegas best Restaurants reviews.


Below are some more of our favorites organized by type of restaurant. We like a variety of food and I will tell you the good and the bad of each.






If you have any favorite restaurants in Las Vegas that you think we should try or that you would recommend to others, please click here to Review a restaurant in  Las Vegas.


If there is somewhere that we absolutely must avoid, please also review it so we and others know to avoid it.


So bookmark this page or get out a pen and pencil and try these out.

Restaurants in Las Vegas - Cheesecake

Cheesecake Factory


Yes I know, but the Cheesecake Factory is still our favorite Cheesecake restaurant.

 We always try and squeeze a piece in. Sometimes we grab a piece and go off to the Sports book in Caesars Palace and watch a game. The waitresses think it is funny that we order milk to go with our cheesecake in the Sports Book!


The meals are huge and really good, so we usually share something or only go for cheesecake.


Location: Caesars Palace Forum Shops behind the free show and aquarium - next to the Nike store.


Food Style: American


Dining Style: Casual.


Favorite Dish: Melanie: Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake    Warren: Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake (we usually share)


Pros: Food is excellent - staff is usually quite friendly.


Cons: Can get really busy.


Do you have a favorite Cheesecake  place in Las Vegas? Share it in our Las Vegas reviews?

Restaurants in Las Vegas- Chinese

Warren and I don't usually seek out Chinese food when we are traveling in America. We prefer Japanese, however the decor in the new Northern Chinese restaurant in Caesar's Palace, and the recommendations we kept getting, we decided to try it out. We were blown away!


Bejing Noodle No. 9


Beijing Noodle No. 9 , opened Christmas eve of 2008. It specializes in northern Chinese cuisine (more noodles and flour based dishes then rice). Caesar's Palace brought in 2 chefs from Northern China who had never been exposed to American style Chinese food to create authentic dishes. They even made us a special request.


Location: Las Vegas Restaurant Guide, Las Vegas Restaurants, Las Vegas Trips, Vacation IdeasCaesars Palace near Rao and the Cafe Lago Buffet.


Food Style: Northern Chinese


Dining Style: Casual


Favorite Dish: Melanie: Shrimp Dim Sum    
Warren: Dish we requested - Chicken chow mein with Oyster Sauce


Pros: Food is excellent - staff is attentive and helpful. Decor is brilliant - see more pictures below.


Cons: The decor is really cool - but can look a little busy after awhile.


For more pictures of Beijing Noodle No. 9


Do you have a favorite Chinese Food restaurant in Las Vegas? Share it in our Las Vegas dining reviews?

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