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What Would You Add to our Australia Travel Guide?

What would you add to our Australia Travel Guide? I am always asking people who have visited or lived down under, what their favorite experience was or place to visit.

Australia Travel Guide
Sand Dunes on Moreton Island

What was your "Make sure you don't miss" advice to people traveling to Oz?

Sometimes the smallest events on a vacation make for the most memorable.

An example on our trip to Oz in August of 2008 was waiting with Montana at an Australian bookstore in Melbourne for the last book in the "Twilight" series to come out. She got to join a party with Australian girls celebrating the characters and books.

Another one of my favorite parts of our trip Down Under Australia was whale watching off of the coast near Brisbane. They were incredible and quite playful. It was our last day in Australia and it really was one of our best days there.


I always tell people not to skip Melbourne. Sometimes people don't feel they have enough time to go, however I think that Melbourne offers so much more than Sydney (shhh don't tell the Sydneysiders - there is a great rivalry between the two cities).

Melbourne has some of the best restaurants, is a beautiful city, and is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island to see my favorite attraction in the whole country - The Fairy Penguins.

Some of my favorite things to see and do are:

  • Dining in the fantastic restaurants in Melbourne
  • Visiting the penguins at Phillip Island near Melbourne
  • Visiting Southbank in Brisbane
  • Sand tobogganing on Moreton Island
  • Diving the Great Barrier Reef
  • Wandering around the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • A day out in the Blue Mountains near Sydney
  • Ziplining through the rainforest in Port Douglas
  • Touring the historic prison of Port Arthur in Tasmania

Now it's your turn:

Add to our Australia Travel Guide

What is your favorite experience that you would add to our Guide? It can be something you saw or experienced while visiting there.

What is Your Favorite part of your Australia Vacation?

Share what was your favorite experience was on your Australian vacation?

What would your advice be to someone that is about to visit Australia for the first time? What should they make sure they do on their visit to Australia?

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