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Travel Guide for Australia

If you have enough time on your holiday down under, make sure you visit Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and the Outback.


If you are lucky enough to have even more time then don't forget these destinations in Australia.

Travel Guide Australia - Perth and Western Australia

If your Australian vacation includes a visit to Perth, Western Australia, you are in for a treat! Although it is one of the most isolated cities in the world, it still has lots to see and do!



Located on the Indian Ocean, the Sunset Coast is a great place for swimming. It is also a starting point to visit the Outback of Western Australia. Rent a camper van and make the trek across the outback!


You could take a day trip to Rottenness Island to check out the subtropical island. Beach comb or sunbathe on the secluded beaches and sandy bays. Look for the land locked lakes and find a Quokka (a marsupial only located in the Southwest of Australia)


Take a stroll through Fremantle and enjoy the cafes and coffee shops or take a dolphin cruise out of Mandurah.




Whatever you choose, Perth is a great place to visit during your holiday down under!

Travel Guide Australia Tasmania

Tasmania is a "do not miss" when planning your trip to Oz, especially if you are traveling in the summer (Dec - March). It is the furthest south I have ever been and one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen on earth. I will take Warren back here one day.


 Travel Guide Australia
Hobart Tasmania Harbour


Hobart is the capital city and is known for its historic building that have been converted to cafes, restaurants and studios. It has a beautiful harbor and the great market at Salamanca Place. It even made it onto Tripadvisor's Top 25 Destination South Pacific list.


Take a visit to Port Arthur Historic Site and see the best preserved convict settlement site in Australia. Make sure you take the Ghost Tour! I still swear I felt "someone" tap my shoulder - even thought there was no one there when I turned around!


Go golfing at Barnbougle Dunes, or take a ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway. Visit a Tasmanian Devil at the Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre or drive up the summit at Mount Wellington to check out the view of the city.


Go swimming in the Hasting Thermal Springs, or hike through Freycinet National Park or Cradle Mountain - Lake St.. Clair National Park. How about rock climbing and abseiling in Cataract Gorge in Launceston.


Just remember that the climate is close to that of England's and is very cool and wet. The best time to plan your Tasmania vacation is from February to April.


Back in 1995 I visited Tasmania when I was in Oz on a university exchange program. I spent 4 days hanging out in Hobart, checking out Port Arthur and hiking in Mt. Field National park and checking out the beautiful Russell Falls. And of course Mount Wellington can't be missed.


To this day I am still taken aback when I think about how beautiful Tasmania is. And to be's quite fun to say that I have actually been to Tasmania!

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