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Singapore Night Safari

We really enjoyed the Night Safari on a recent trip in July 201. Now many people agree with me, however I need to add a caveat. It was REALLY hot when we visited in July, at night as well. So we looked for other ways to visit the Safari (which we usually do). We took a private tour of the park (the Classic Safari Adventurer Tour) and had an absolute blast! In our opinion this is the best way to enjoy the Night Safari and is worth every penny.


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This photo of the Night Safari is from TripAdvisor.



If you get a Attraction Pass, the entry to the Safari, shows and the tram ride is included in the price. As this experience happens in the dark it is really hard to take photos or video. They do not allow lights or flash for the animals health, after all they are night animals!


Photos of Night Safari, Singapore
This photo of Night Safari is courtesy of TripAdvisor


This attraction is ranked #18 and 4 stars for attractions on Tripadvisor, with over 150 reviews.

Singapore Night Safari - Tips and Tricks

Make sure you plan your time at the Night Safari. It should take about 3 hours. Check out the show times and don't miss the "Creatures of the Night" and the show at the Fire Eaters at the entrance.




You can catch dinner here at a number of restaurants and even buy an entrance ticket or tour that includes dinner. We didn't as we ate before we went.


Try and go in the week as the Safari is busiest on the weekend. We went on a Sunday and it was busy, but our guide told us that the night before the park reached it's capacity and had to turn people away.


Mosquitoes may be around so take and wear insect repellent. It was quite hot and humid even though it was evening when we were there. Make sure you drink lots of water. I started with a shirt over my tank top and hair down, ended the evening with just my tank top and my hair up as it was soooooo humid and hot.


As I said earlier, we took the Classic Adventurer tour and it was so worth the money. We had a private guide who we really enjoyed getting to know, and he told us everything there is to know about the animals. We had a private golf cart instead of taking the tram tour, and we didn't have to wait for anything. We even got to play with a few snakes!



We took a taxi there, which was hard to find as a lot of taxi drivers don't want to drive out to the park. Taking a taxi home was worse as the line up was huge! It took about 30 minutes to get through the line and grab a cab back to the Fairmont. We were tired and hot but we finally made it back.


We loved our evening at the Night Safari and I will recommend it to others!


The Night Safari is a great vacation idea for families or couples when visiting. But if you are taking the kids, make sure you have an easy day before going, especially if it is hot that night. Otherwise no one will enjoy it with unhappy and tired kids.


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