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Atlantis Aquarium

Each time we stopped in Nassau Bahamas, we would visit the Atlantis casino and the part of the Atlantis Aquarium that is visible to everyone.

  Atlantis Aquarium


During a romantic weekend getaway, we finally got to enjoy the whole aquarium, including the Predator Lagoon, and the largest open aired aquarium in the world.



I used to be an avid scuba diver, so aquariums never really impressed me. After all it is better to see the wildlife in the wild instead of a tank. But the Atlantis aquarium, really impressed me.


Huge schools of fish swim around the worlds largest open air aquarium. Apparently there are over 50,000 fish, rays, sharks and other marine life to enjoy. I was really impressed with the variety of fish, and the fact that they had saw fish, manta rays, spotted eagle rays, reef sharks, nurse sharks, green moray eels, sea horses, jelly fish, grouper, and so much more.


I was mostly impressed with how large the fish, sharks and rays were. I guess with each species being fed well, and having no predators, it allows them to grow quite large.


You can visit just the aquariums as a guest at Atlantis, with a day pass to Atlantis, or pay about $40 for just the aquariums. You may get a tour with that as well. You can purchase passes in the Royal Tower, or the kiosk in the center of the casino.

Atlantis Hotel Bahamas Options

Atlantis Aquarium - The Dig

The Dig tour takes you though the Ruins Lagoon - the worlds largest open air aquarium that houses thousands of fish, sharks, rays and 2 huge manta rays. Set as an Archaeological dig that found Atlantis, you will tour the Lobsters, Lionfish, the Jewel tank, the Grouper, Jellyfish and Moray Eel Exhibit, and of course the huge open water tank. You can even meet Hannah the Mermaid at certain times during the day.




Make sure that you see it in the evening if you can. I walked out there one night on the balcony overlooking the aquarium and could see something in the distance. At first I thought it was a sharks fin, but after a few seconds I realized it was the magnificent manta rays playing at the surface. They were so beautiful as they made their way towards me and then past me.



Plan to spend a some time admiring the Dig. The animals are the largest I have ever seen in an aquarium and are beautiful.


My only complaint is that the water seems a little cloudy and of course that it is quite expensive. In the ocean the visibility may be compromised so I guess it gives a "real" type feeling.

Atlantis Aquarium

Atlantis Aquarium - The Predator Lagoon

Silly me, I had no idea that the Predator Lagoon even existed in the Atlantis Bahamas, except for the Mayan Ruin Shark Habitat. I came across it when I was out walking on our third day at Atlantis. I was looking for some great photo opportunities of the Royal Towers. and happened to find Hammerhead sharks in a Lagoon. Later I found out about Predators Lagoon and took Warren back to enjoy it with me!


Atlantis Aquarium


The 2 Hammerhead sharks are beautiful and can be seen in the lagoon, from the suspension bridge or any of the many lookouts.


Atlantis Aquarium


You can access the predator Lagoon tunnel from the Carousel looking bar near the Lagoon. It is a little creepy but a lot of fun to walk through the tunnel and see the sharks and saw fish.


Atlantis Aquarium


Don't miss the Atlantis Aquarium when you visit the Atlantis Bahamas.


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