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10 Tips to Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

Paradise Cove in Anguilla

Paradise Cove in Anguilla is a great off beach apartment type hotel located on the southwest part of Anguilla. A pleasant 5 minute walk from the beach at Cove Bay, it is the budget minded travellers dream.



For a conference on building websites like this one, I travelled to Anguilla in the British West Indies. The conference took place in the small apartment style hotel, Paradise Cove. We took over the majority of the hotel for our conference and spent 3 days in seminars.

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 Paradise Cove Anguilla Pool

Paradise Cove was a great location for this conference as the facilities were reasonably priced (based on other hotels on the island). Some people shared 2 bedroom suites, while others had one bedroom or studio suites. One lucky participant won one of the penthouse suites and a $1000. They graciously opened their suite to us to socialize. They had a beautiful view of the hotel and the ocean and St. Martin in the distance.


The rooms were comfortable, although the door to the 2 bedroom suite I stayed in stuck quite a bit. Sometimes I didn’t know if I would get it open. The beds are comfortable, and the 2 bedroom suite came with a kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms with their own bathroom, balconies off of the bedrooms, a dining area and a guest bathroom. You could get your own groceries and eat in if you wanted to (I didn’t as I wasn’t there long and wanted to try some restaurants on the island).


 Paradise Cove, Anguilla
This photo of Paradise Cove is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Some areas of the apartment, like the bathroom looked dated. There were some rust stains in the bathtub, and I had no hot water on the last morning. The front desk were quick to act on it, and had it fixed while I was eating breakfast. Also the air conditioning thermostat wouldn’t change the temperature, so the A/C was on or off. That made it quite cold at night as it blew on the bed on the room I was in. Although we found that if we had the A/C on in the evening, we could sleep with just the bedroom fans on and stay relatively cool.


Paradise Cove Anguilla’s apartments are located in 2 buildings around the really large main pool with 2 hot tubs. Although I don’t think that they were ever hot! Between the pool and the Front Office was a bar, where you could order food between certain hours (I think 3:30 to 9 pm). If you have a drink at the bar, tell Angela the bartender that Melanie says hello!


We had breakfast included for 3 of the mornings I stayed at the Paradise Cove which was fine, and they catered lunch in for us. On the other 2 morning, I ordered off the menu and it was fine.


This hotel is not on the beach, but that doesn’t really matter as the walk is about 10 minutes to a beautiful quiet beach on Cove Bay. The hotel will shuttle you down to the beach and even provide a chair and umbrella for you. If you eat at Smokey’s at the Cove, you can charge it back to your room, so you don’t even need to bring cash with you.

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Paradise Cove Anguilla Beach close to hotel
Beach at Cove Bay, a short walk from Paradise Cove


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Paradise Cove Anguilla Smokeys
You can charge your lunch or dinner to back to your room at the Paradise Cove Anguilla


The staff were really accommodating. They were friendly and would arrange pretty much anything we asked for. They were OK with us hanging out by the bar until later hours, and even cut a coconut out of a tree so a participant could try the coconut juice after requesting it on her last morning in Anguilla. Sherille Hughes, the manager was amazing and arranged a tour for 16 of us and lunch at Gwen’s on our last day in Anguilla.


I would recommend the Paradise Cove in Anguilla for guests that are looking for apartment style accommodations and don’t want to spend a fortune (by Anguilla’s standards). Ask for a room on one of the top floors as the ceilings are nice and high. There are a few supermarkets not too far away for groceries, however getting a taxi to one of them may be pricey. It would be best if you had a car. You could always hire Frank!


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