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10 Tips for Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

10 Tips to Planning a Fun and Easy Road Trip

Smokeys at the Cove

Smokeys is a great way to spend the afternoon, or enjoy a dinner in Anguilla right on the beach of Cove Bay.


Smokey's has a great lunch menu and the food is great. If you order lunch then you can use the beach loungers and chairs. If there is a threat of rain (although when it rains it rains for about 3 minutes then stops) they will put up a tent to keep things dry.

Smokeys at the Cove


Smokeys at the Cove
Smokey's Tent for when it rains for 5 minutes


On the first night of the conference I took part in in Anguilla, about 18 of us went down to Smokeys. It was great as they could accommodate us easily and their menu had quite a variety on it.

We could walk there from Paradise Cove as it was on the beach near the hotel (about an easy 10 minute walk). It was dark however, and if walking to Smokey’s I would recommend bringing a flash light. The road into the restaurant had a lot of pot holes that you couldn’t see in the dark.

Smokeys at the Cove



I ordered the grilled Anguilla snapper a lime butter herb sauce and it was excellent. I ordered the candied yams and the mashed potatoes with it just in case I didn’t like the yams. I didn’t have to worry as the yams, and for that matter the mashed potatoes were yummy! Make sure when you go to Smokey’s you get the candied yams!





Smokeys at the Cove


Other people ordered the ribs and they looked and tasted good! My friend Ashley ordered the curried goat. He said “when in Anguilla I want to order what the locals eat!” He really enjoyed it.









Smokeys at the Cove


Lisa ordered the whole lobster and it looked and tasted incredible.







Omari Banks, a former professional cricket player and a great singer entertained us as we enjoyed our dinner. He is also the son of a famous singer from Anguilla, Banky Banks. After our dinner a few of us walked down to the beach to put our feet in the water and enjoyed the lights of St Maarten. The water was beautifully warm, there was a slight breeze and the stars were beautiful!


Smokeys at the Cove

Smokey’s is a great place for lunch too. On the day that we went to Gwen's Reggae Bar and Grill, the water was really rough, so we hightailed it after lunch back to Smokey's and enjoyed the beach and a number of drinks! Smokey was kind enough to allow us to use the chairs when I told him we were staying at the Paradise Cove.


We could also charge our bill to our hotel room at Smokey's which was really handy. The beach was beautifully quiet and the water was calm. The sand was like powder.

I didn’t find it very as expensive as other restaurants on the island and they allow you to order from the lunch menu, at dinner time, if you don’t have a big appetite.

Final Verdict: Don’t miss Smokeys at the Cove for lunch or dinner for that matter! Reasonably priced (based on the prices of other restaurants on the island) and the food and location are great!


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We also enjoyed what we thought was the best Anguilla restaurant - Tasty's - check out our review! And a great dinner at Barrel Stay in Sandy Grove.

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