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Hollywood and Highland Ave.

Some would say the center of Hollywood is at the corner of these two streets. It is the epicenter of all you can do as a tourist in this area. The shopping center is world class and you will find all of your favorite brand name stores. Outside of the shopping center is where you will find the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Tour companies, the Kodak Theater, Grauman's Chinese Theater, and a variety of Hollywood Museums.


It is over the top and a must see for ALL movie and Hollywood fans! Just remember that it is a must see for all people visiting Los Angeles, so chances are it will be busy!


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This photo of the Hollywood & Highland mall is from TripAdvisor.

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Tours that Start at Hollywood and Highland

You can find any type of Hollywood tour starting from here, for example:

Hollywood and Highland Tours

  • The Budget minded Trolley Tour
  • A Hollywood Movie Location Tour
  • Stars Home Tours (these are a lot of fun - we did one and were surprised and what blast we had!)
  • A Hop on Hop Off Double Decker Bus Tour - again we had a blast on this tour!)
  • Or any of the Starline Tours
Hollywood and Highland Tours Bus

Hollywood and Highland Tours on the bus
Warren and Montana on a "Stars Homes Tour"

The Kodak Theater is Located at Hollywood and Highland

The Kodak Theater is home to the Academy Awards, and it really is fun to try and imagine what it is like during that time. You can take a tour of the theater and really see what it is like.



Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Find your favorite movie, music or television star on the Walk of Fame. It goes on forever, so don't give up when you are looking for your favorite! Just be careful further away from the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center as the neighborhood can get a little sketchy.

Hollywood and Highland - Marilyn Monroe's Star on the Hollywood Walk of FameBetty White's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You will also find LOTS of actors dressed as characters. Some of them are really good and get into the role. Please remember that this is how they are earning their living and if you want a photo with one of them, they are expecting a tip.


Grauman's Chinese Theater

An Icon. At Grauman's Chinese Theater you will find the famous hand prints and footprints of your favorite stars. When we were there we found the great like Shirley Temple and Bob Hope. We also found the Harry Potter cast, George Clooney and Hugh Jackman. This area can get really crowded and difficult to take that "perfect" photo with your favorite star's footprints.


Photos of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles
This photo of Grauman's Chinese Theatre is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Madame Tussaud's Museum and other Museums

Madame Tussaud's are popping up in every major tourist area in the world, and Hollywood Blvd. is no exception. If anything it fits right in here. Located right next to the Grauman's Chinese Theater, if you enjoy the was museum experience (which the kids will!) then include it on your trip to Hollywood. Look for promotions and vouchers to help with the cost as it can be quite pricey.


You will also find the Hollywood Museum on Highland Ave. You will love this place if you are a true movie and classic cinema fan. You will find some amazing props and other memorabilia from your favorite films. Just make sure you plan your visit as it is only open from Wednesday to Sunday and closes by 5 pm.

Hollywood Blvd Video

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