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All Inclusive Disney World Vacation

I have always wondered if you could do an all inclusive Disney vacation. Since I was not sure, I checked in with my friend the "Disney Dad" from Dads Guide to WDW. He is my favorite source for all things Disney!


See his response below:

All Inclusive Disney World Vacations
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This is his response:

"Disney doesn't offer a total "all inclusive" vacation per se, but they offer something that's virtually "all inclusive". (It costs a ton.) The Platinum Dining Plan give guests access to virtually everything at Disney World.


Again this would cost a ton. The Platinum plan costs $239 per person per day on top of hotel and tickets versus the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan (which has the same meals) which costs $85.52 during low seasons and $89.52 during high.


None of the plans include alcohol. The last 2 years Disney offered a "Wine and Dine" add on, but they cancelled it for 2012. "



So when I heard that I thought, That's another $400 to $1000 a day for a family of 4. That seems a little steep to me. I think there must be a better way to save money at Disney World than using their plans. If you are looking for convenience then this may make sense for your family.


Chances are however, that you are looking to for an all inclusive Disney World vacation because you are looking to save money on your vacation so I checked out Dad's tips for saving money at the resorts and parks.


Update: for 2012 the Platinum Plan offers 3 meals a day in either a table service, quick service or buffet restaurant, 2 snacks (i.e. ice cream) and 1 refillable drink mug per person. Kids 3-9 must order from the kids menu. See the Disney site for more information.

No All Inclusive Disney World Vacation? Here are Some Tips to Saving Money

So I looked to Dad's site again and looked at his ways to plan "affordable Disney family vacations". I loved his tips including:

  • Stay outside the Disney World - choose a hotel or condo close to the park (keeping in mind the parking fees)
  • If you do stay at an on site resort - skip the car and use the Disney transport
  • Research everything before you go looking fgr deals and ways to save
  • Save on food by keeping snacks and breakfasts etc. in your room - ask for a refrigerator in your room
  • Stay longer - the more days you purchase at the parks the less it is per day
  • Choose a Value resort instead of the deluxe resorts
  • Choose lunch to be your "big meal" - less than sit down dinner restaurants
  • Avoid  the park hopper passes. They cost over $50 per ticket
  • Go during off season

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