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Victoria Peak Hong Kong

The Peak in Hong Kong is the Number one tourist destination for most tourists when they visit. The views are spectacular and the ride in the tram is always a fun experience!


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The view from Victoria Peak


You access the Peak by the Tram.


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The Observation Deck from across the Victoria Harbour in Kowloon.


The first time we visited Hong Kong we visited the Peak at night. Now most days were cloudy, rainy and a little foggy, but at night the fog was gone and we had a great view and dinner at The Peak Lookout with our friend Eric.


Click to see more reviews of Victoria Peak Hong Kong from Tripadvisor!
This photo of the The Peak Lookout Restaurant is from TripAdvisor.


Our second visit to Hong Kong it was a beautiful (although quite hot) day and the first place I wanted to go for the view and photos was up here.


Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Our view on a really hot day in July.


Victoria Peak is ranked #6 and 4 1/2 stars for attractions on Tripadvisor, with over 300 reviews.

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong - Restaurants and Attractions

As with most other world famous attractions, when the tourists come, they build shopping and attractions. There is no exception here. I was actually surprised and a little sad to see how commercial it is. But as with other attractions, we ignored what we weren't interested in and did what we wanted to do.


Victoria Peak Hong Kong

You will find lots of restaurants including:

  •  a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
  • Pearl on the Peak - western dishes
  • Tien Yi Chinese Restaurant
  • Kyo Hachi Japanese Restaurant
  • Burger King
  • A coffee shop

In the Galleria mall (next to the Observation building) you will find:

  • Cafe Deco Bar & Grill
  • Pho Yummee
  • Dim Sum at the Peak
  • Mak's Noodle
  • McDonalds
  • and more

We were in the mood for sushi when we went up the Peak, so we decided to have lunch with a view at Kyo Hachi Japanese Restaurant in the observation building itself with a view. The food was OK, the view was awesome, and the service wasn't so great. Oh and it was expensive, but then again you are paying for the view.


Victoria Peak Hong KongVictoria Peak Hong Kong
Kyo Hachi Japanese Restaurant


As for attractions - The best is the view from the Peak of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Other than that you will find:

  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  • The Sky Terrace 428 (at the top of the observation building)
  • The Tram
  • Nature walks around the area
  • The Tram Historical Gallery
  • The Peak Market
  • The Peak Galleria Mall and other shopping
  • The Green Terrace at the Galleria Mall for the views

The Victoria Peak Hong Kong is a excellent vacation idea for families or couples when visiting Hong Kong.

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More photos of the area:


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