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Top 10 List of Sightseeing in Cairo Egypt

Cairo and the Giza Pyramids should be on everyone's bucket list! It was on Warren's and mine, and for my 40th birthday we took a cruise on the Norwegian Jade, from Norwegian Cruise Lines, which included a 2 day stop in Alexandria Egypt.


This trip was in the top 5 of all of our trips we have ever done! We took a 2 day tour from Alexandria to Cairo with Memphis Tour. They were not very expensive and came highly recommended on TripAdvisor and We were glad we did!


So if you are considering taking the kids to Cairo, or going on a romantic vacation, just do it! Make sure you do your research to ensure you have an amazing time and don't forget to see the pyramids when sightseeing in Cairo!


I found this great video done by Esther Crawford that talks about 10 things to make sure you do in Cairo - she should know as she lived and studied in the Middle East:



Here is her Top 10 Things to do and see when Sightseeing in Cairo:

  1. Belly dancing and whirling dervishes. Dancing is quite popular with the Egyptians. So when in Cairo, watch performances of whirling dervishes and belly dancers.

  2. The Giza Pyramids. These are wonders of the world and for good reason. You will be left in awe as to how the ancient Egyptians were able to build something so great without modern equipment.

  3. Camel Riding. Sounds cheesy and I wish we had done it now! It's not everyday that you can ride a camel. So if you have never been on one, cross it off your bucket list by getting on a camel while you are on your way to the pyramids. Come to terms on the price with the camel owners first, though. You don't want to get ripped off.

  4. The Sphinx. This mythical creature has a head of a human but has a lion's body. Many people are drawn by its mysterious appeal.

  5. Felucca Boat. Get on this small boat and cruise the Nile river. It is a good break from the heat as you relax and enjoy Cairo's view.

  6. Taxi Ride around the City. If it's too hot or you are too tired to walk, you can ride a taxi to go around the city and observe the local life.

  7. Cave Churches. This is one of Cairo's hidden gem that you don't want to miss. The Cave Church is located in the middle of the city's garbage dump. It is a one-of-a-kind structure that will surely amaze you.

  8. Egyptian Museum. If you want to see the mummies, the museum is the place to find them.

  9. The Citadel is one of the most popular landmarks in Cairo. It is stunning both on the outside and on the inside. Otherwise known as the Alabaster Mosque - It is beautiful.

  10. Khan El Khalili Souk. This 14th-century bazaar is very famous among the Arabs. This is a place where you can get cheap souvenirs especially if you know how to work your bargaining skills. (We missed this due to some issues at the dock in Alexandria so we ran out of time - I really wished we could have made it here!)

A Note about travelling to Cairo in 2011 - There is a travel security alert due to some civil unrest in Cairo. Make sure you do your research. I know of some people who have still travelled to Cairo and Egypt and have found it quite enjoyable as there are very little crowds and had no problems with security as long as they took the proper precautions. So do your research and make your choices based on that.

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Viator Has Many Sightseeing in Cairo Tours to Consider

Sightseeing in Cairo

Private Tour: Giza Pyramids and Sphinx

Sightseeing in Cairo has to include a trip to the Pyramids. Don't try to see them without a tour guide. A private one is best as they are licensed by the government and highly educated on the attractions you are seeing. They will also help you keep hawkers and other people looking for money away.


This tour includes pick up and drop off at your hotel, a guided tour of the 3 Giza Pyramids, an Egyptologist guide, and they will show you some great photo opportunities.

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